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History of Stem Cell

Stem Cell Transplantation Co. Ltd (STEMCETA) is the African continent exclusive distributor to Laboratoires Dom AVMM (Suisse) Inc of Switzerland (manufacturers of MFIII of Switzerland stem cell therapies); participating in active collaboration and partnership with first class world rating scientists and world's largest manufacturers of stem cells and ONLY provider of Fetal Precursor Stem Cells for Anti-Aging, Youth Restoration, Regeneration, Rejuvenation and Revitalization. We therefore invite experienced hardworking persons for the following positions to join us in "Moving the African Continent into the 21st Century Medicine of Regeneration".

WHO, EC-CGMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EUROCERTA etc. Their Excellencies, the Nigerian Ambassadors to the United States and Switzerland verified and endorsed all claims and global unrivalled certifications of the MFIII of Switzerland including Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State of United States and recently re-certified by Hillary Clinton; present Secretary of State of USA.

We are indeed very proud to be in the forefront of championing this NOBLE venture in active collaboration and partnership with first class world rating scientists in the field of stem cell transplantation technology and world's largest manufacturers of stem cells and ONLY provider of Fetal Precursor Stem Cells (The Science of Cellular Therapy and The Art of Life), world's ONLY clinically proven softgel capsules for anti-aging, tissue regeneration, rejuvenation, revitalization and youth restoration.

We also, through our sister organization, Stem Cell Transplantation Center for Africa (STEMCETA), are establishing partnership and collaboration with health institutions within the African continent in the areas of provision of stem cell transplants for the treatment of incurable and untreatable diseases as well as training of medical professionals for stem cell application and research etc. Please visit: STEMCETA

Official Launch in Nigeria

The official launch of the products took place at the Rock View Hotel, Abuja from the 1st through 7th of October, 2007 and Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja on the 19th September, 2008. The Federal Ministry of Health; Science and Technology; Teaching Hospitals, Health institutions and Medical Centers; NAFDAC; FCT; Defense; Army; Navy; Government Agencies and Parastatals as well as members from the private sectors participated actively.

We invite stakeholders in the health sector, distributors and investors to join us in moving the African continent into regenerative medicine and anti-aging therapy products which will dominate the 21st century medicine.

It is interesting to note that following the huge successes recorded during the launch, the Federal government of Nigeria, through the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology inaugurated a National Committee on the Research and Application of Stem Cell Transplantation Technology in Nigeria (NACRASTIN), a Public Private Partnership venture for domestication of the technology.

Some Things Shouldn't be Made Secret

Upon all the human efforts and endevours towards addressing human health problems, NOTHING has EVER counted like MFIII of Switzerland anti-aging stemcell and regenerative therapy products.

To Fully Realize MF3:

The full results and health benefits that you can receive by taking MFIII regularly are pretty hard to describe any further because they are simply too extensive, you just need to experience MFIII for yourself to fully realize them. “Res ipsa loquitur” - “facts speak for themselves”.

Our Promise:

We promise you, ONCE you start using MFIII you'll NEVER look at your life the same way EVER again. It is really that POWERFUL!

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