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If you have read the testimonies of those that are using the MFIII, you will agree you have paid less for the value of a “Golden” cell therapy.
Pope Pius XII was so pleased with cell therapy treatment that he inducted Prof. Dr. Paul Von Niehans, a highly respectable Swiss surgeon and founder of Live Cell Therapy into the Papal Academy of Sciences, making him a successor to the late Sir Alexandra Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.
President Eisenhower, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and De Gaulle. Top Government functionaries, Celebrities and Business Managers across the African continent and globe etc receives it to maintain their powers of concentration and physical endurance.
President Adenauer credited it with giving him the energy to lead the Republic of Germany though he was more than 90 years old. Charlie Chaplin said it enabled him to marry and father children after age 70.

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Types Of Eco-Utrafiltrate  |  Click Here To Order  | Frequently Asked Questions

What are EUF (Eco-Ultrafiltrates)?
We have expanded our product line to carry a range of stem cell extracts, because these organ and system-specific stem cell extracts have proven to be very effective. In particular, we feature EUF LPPSIM, which is a combination of liver, pancreas, placenta, stomach, intestine and mucosa stem cell extracts. We feature this option over other EUF products because it has been getting very positive reviews and has proven to be very effective in fighting against diabetes and diabetic symptoms. We have customers who have been cured of diabetes and its symptoms after just one therapeutic cycle of 20 vials. 

Although we focus primarily on EUF LPPSIM’s effect on diabetes and preventing diabetes, it also goes a long way in improving digestion and bettering nutritional absorption, which is often an overlooked aspect when taking supplements.  You may take all of the vitamins and supplements you desire, but your body cannot maximize what it is receiving if your absorption pathways are not working at their optimal level.

EUF is a very special product because it can be taken orally (and may also be administered by injection, if so desired). In the past, these were available only as injections, but, due to advances in nanotechnology and stem-cell filtration technology, EUF is now small enough to be absorbed directly through the mucosa of the mouth.

During production, these EUF (or extracted cells) are passed through several stages of Ultra-Filtration, reaching the final stage of Nano-Filtration. The finished product contains molecule extracts of only 10,000 DA, suspended in 2.5ml of PBS solution with 10% active ingredients.

Treatment Related Questions

How is the EUF treatment carried out? Is there surgery or transplantation involved?
There is no surgery involved with EUF.  EUF are stem cell extracts that may be injected or ingested orally. In some cases, they may also be applied topically.  Although the manufacturing company actually offers stem cell transplantations, EUF is the product they have developed to provide the same benefits of stem cell transplantation. These at-home options are less disruptive, more convenient, and more affordable than traditional stem cell transplantation.

How is the oral treatment administered? The option of oral ingestion is a major beneficial convenience of EUF.  EUF was previously only available as an injection, but, due to advances in nano-technology and stem-cell filtration technology, EUF is now small enough to be absorbed directly through the mouth. Simply swish the entire contents of 1 vial around the inside of the mouth for 30 seconds, before swallowing. This should be done before going to bed or in-between meals.

How is treatment by injection administered?
EUF may be administered through intravenous (IV), subcutaneous (SC) or intramuscular (IM) injection.  Some of our customers make use of a nurse for the injection, but most find it to be simple enough to perform on their own, in the comfort of their own homes.

Is oral consumption better than injection?
Taking EUF by oral consumption versus via injection has its pros and cons. There is a higher efficacy if EUF is taken via injection, but taking it orally is still 90% as effective (depending on the individual). Diabetics, in particular, are often tired of needles, so the oral method appeals to many of our diabetic customers. 

Also, since EUF is manufactured using ultra-filtration and nano-technology, there are no molecules larger than 10,000 DA, ensuring the highest levels of safety and the tiniest particles available, for quick absorption.  Because EUF is a naturally-derived health supplement, any excess will pass harmlessly through the body. There is no risk of overdose.

Will I experience any discomfort from the EUF injection?
Some people report feeling slightly hotter from the EUF injection, but this is because your metabolic activity is increased (due to the improvements happening in your body) and it is not a bad thing.  The injection is no more painful than a typical injection by needle. In some cases, reddening and slight swelling may occur at the injection site. This is typical of an injection. For quick relief in case of minor swelling, a cold compress (such as an ice pack or cold towel) may be applied to the swollen area, for no more than 15 minutes.

Are the injection syringes and needles provided?  If not, where can I find them?
Unfortunately, we cannot supply syringes or needles.  We ship to countries all over the world and the policies and methods for shipping needles are different for each country.  Rather than risk potential customs issues, we prefer to leave it to the customer to find needles. Many people, such as diabetics, also need needles, so there are typically safe and reliable ways to acquire them locally.

What is considered a complete EUF treatment?
It is suggested to utilize a full 20-ampoule treatment (1 box), minimum, but it also depends on the individual. It generally takes 3-4 weeks for effects to really take hold and become noticeable.  Heavy smoking and drinking may have an adverse effect on the results. 

When will I know that the EUF treatment is enough or if I need additional, long-term treatment?
This will vary from individual to individual and will depend on your original condition and what you are trying to achieve.  A typical treatment of EUF can consist of 20, 40 or 60 ampoules (vials). After a 20-ampoule treatment, you should start getting an idea of how effective it is for your particular ailment. It takes many years for the human body to reach a certain condition, and improvement may come slowly. It is a process with time and the body needs this time to make the most out of the support it is receiving. 

Are there any side effects from EUF treatment?
EUF is manufactured using ultra-filtration technology, which means there are no molecules larger than 10,000 DA, which is a very small size.  In fact, that is 1/9th the size of any known viruses. EUF filters out all of the proteins, ensuring the highest level of safety from undesired side effects.  Since EUF cells are naturally-derived health supplements, versus a chemical drug, there is very little chance of a negative reaction with any medications.  Furthermore, any excess will pass harmlessly through the body. There is no danger of overdose.

Is it alright to brush my teeth and then take the EUF? Will this effect the results?
As long as you swish the solution around in your mouth for 30 seconds, before swallowing, brushing your teeth should not effect EUF.

Is EUF better than MFIII HP230?
MFIII HP230 and EUF (Eco-Ultrafiltrates) are very different products.  Depending on what you are looking for, one is more appropriate than the other.  For specific organ rejuvenation and bolstering specific systems in the body against aging or certain diseases, it would be more beneficial to take EUF.

For a more holistic and direct approach to the symptoms of aging, MFIII HP230 is suggested. The nature of placenta cells is very dynamic; they will go where they are needed and, therefore, may not necessarily go to the organ or improve only the symptoms you have in mind. That said, they are extremely effective at boosting organ function where they do go. MFIII HP230 is unparalleled as a Human Placenta Extract product.

Essentially, EUF is better at targeting specific organs and MFIII HP230 is a more "overall" rejuvenating supplement.

Questions Related to Specific Ailments

How does EUF help fight diabetes?
Diabetes is an affliction that is growing rapidly worldwide, especially within Asia. We encourage EUF LPPSIM most specifically for diabetes because EUF LPPSIM has very strong anti-diabetic properties. Its preventative efficacy is one of its major benefits. We often supply EUF LPPSIM to doctors, who prescribe this to their patients, and they have been very impressed with the results.  In general, EUF’s manufacturer has a reputation as a leader in the stem cell field and makes EUF an obvious choice for serious diabetes treatment.

Diabetes is a very complex disease with many contributing factors, including diet, lifestyle, current condition, and genes, so the success may vary between individuals. EUF LPPSIM is special because it offers system and organ-specific treatment for the entire body, containing extracts for Liver, Pancreas, Placenta, Stomach, Intestine, and Mucosa fetal cells. These cells help to alleviate and fight diabetic symptoms from many angles.  We have had customers who have stopped taking insulin entirely after just one box of EUF LPPSIM. We have had other customers repeat the treatment every 6 months, for preventative measures. We have also had customers who continue taking EUF on a regular basis, simply because it makes them feel better, as it dramatically aids and improves the body's metabolic and digestive systems. 

Can EUF help lung-related disorders (such as Emphysema and Asthma)?=
EUF may help with Emphysema.  In fact, EUF Lungs was designed to combat this particular affliction.  Stem cell extracts from the lungs will directly assist and support your weakened lungs and provide new and energetic molecular building blocks to help begin making improvements.  Although EUF Lungs can be taken orally, we would suggest an injection, if possible, for somewhat stronger effects (in the case of severe lung problems). 

Asthma is a very complex condition and many medical experts are still baffled by what causes it. Because we haven’t had any strong feedback regarding the appropriate treatment for Asthma in regards to EUF, we cannot recommend it specifically for this condition.  However, it could plausibly help and we are certain it wouldn’t cause any harm.

Do any EUF products aid skin disorders or improve the appearance of scars?
For skin disorders and scarring, as well as anti-aging benefits, we strongly recommend EUF Mesenchyme, which is available as both a topical application and as an oral supplement. Applied to the skin, it can help with wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.  However, with such skin maladies, it does depend on the severity and extent of the tissue damage to begin with. What makes Mesenchyme so unique and efficient is that it is composed of multi-potential cells, also known as mesenchymal stem cells, which have the ability to become almost any kind of tissue or organ. If taken orally, there is an increased resistance to fatigue, improved blood circulation, and increased physical and mental stamina. Additionally, EUF Mesenchyme has also shown great potential for those suffering from degenerative conditions, recovering from an injury, or dealing with osteoporosis or any kind of tissue degeneration related disease.

Is EUF capable of improving male vitality?
EUF Male Revitalization is a focused and specific treatment for men.  It is a combination of fetal stem cell extracts that is comprised of testis, placenta, adrenal cortex, and CNS (Brain) EUF.  These extracts will improve and rejuvenate the organs that they originated from.  The effects are more specific, and include increased sexual vitality and testosterone, enhanced neuron cells in the brain (improving memory and mental agility), and mediated stress responses (which can impact male vitality). 

Can Eco-Ultrafiltrates help reduce high cholesterol?
EUF LPPSIM can be used to help reduce high cholesterol because it dramatically aids and improves the body's metabolic and digestive systems.

Does EUF provide any benefit for people suffering from Osteoporosis?
For Osteoporosis, we suggest a combination treatment of Ovary, Placenta (female), and Bone EUFs. 

Can EUF improve the health of eyes or impact conditions related to the eyes (such as Mypoia)?
Eye stem cell extracts will only assist those with mild cases of myopia and may only prevent myopia from getting worse. In addition, the younger a client is, the great effect eye stem cells will have, as an overall rule.

Can EUF help improve mental agility?
EUF CNS will enhance the neuron cells, causing memory and mental agility to improve. It is commonly used by middle-aged and older customers, but EUF CNS can also benefit younger customers. However, its effects will be more noticeable with existing age.

Types Of Eco-Utrafiltrate  |  Click Here To Order  | Frequently Asked Questions

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